(Self)Care Package




In honor of our third anniversary this month, we're offering a limited-edition (Self)Care Package to 200 of our new or existing Members. This care package is a reminder to be kind and patient with yourself as you grow and shape over time. Care Packages are available for delivery or free pickup from the ICA, and all purchasers will automatically be enrolled as Free Members.

(Self)Care Packages include three different incense papers from Baboshop and two tea samplers from Roots Tea Blends:

Meadow Sage + Palo Santo Hanji Incense Paper
Picea + Myrrh Deadstock Incense Paper
Dark Copal + Snowbell Vellum Incense Paper
Refresh Herbal Tea Sampler
Morning Jam Tea Sampler

Please note your ICA (Self)Care Package includes slow-made pieces and will be available in three to four weeks.

Price $3.33
Current stock: 199 but 48 is on hold

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